Solid Aluminum Shutters

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National Shutter System offers complete manual and automatic solutions to cover all openings for commercial buildings.  By customizing the easy use of both products, per application, we provide a new level automation for store operators and business owners.

Benefits of Solid Aluminum Shutters:

  • Advanced Building Security
  • Stops Smash and Grab
  • Prevents Glass breaks and Vandalism
  • Extruded Strength ( Non Corrosive)
  • Retrofit Installation Application
  • End Retention System
  • Manual. Motorized, Remote controls With manual override in the case of power loss.



The extruded aluminum shutter is ideal for commercial and industrial applications.  It comes in an array of colors to match the existing storefront.  The aluminum security shutters have passed the Small Missile Impact Test, where lead balls are blasted at the shutter. The shutters also passed the Large Missile Test, where a wooden 2×4 is shot at the shutter at 30mph.

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When rolling shutters are in the closed position, they are virtually indestructible. When the store is open, the rolling shutters disappear into a color-matched box housing. Solid aluminum shutters reduce break-ins and virtually eliminate the threat of smash and grabs. Solid aluminum shutters also provide extra insulation, helping to reduce energy costs.

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