Rolling Grilles

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Rolling grilles provide excellent appearance to store windows and stained glass windows, and good protection of the merchandise. They are an attribute of today’s trade centers and shops, and perfectly match with any building’s architecture and shopping mall interior space. Thanks to NSS rolling grills the shop windows can operate even at night. Certified anti-burglar protection enables usage of grills for protection of banks, offices, pharmacies and restaurants.

Benefits of Counter Anti-Burglar Shutters:

  • Excellent Break-in protection
  • 24HR Advertisement of store window merchandise
  • High resistance to corrosion, rain, snow and UV-rays
  • Light structure with high strength
  • Lower noise level
  • Stops Smash and Grab
  • End Retention System
  • Manual. Motorized, Remote controls With manual override in the case of power loss.


The first goal in retail security is to deter intruders from even attempting a break in. Interior mounted window security gates provide an additional layer that a criminal would have to find a way to get through. Often, a criminal will break a glass window or door to enter the business, thus setting off an alarm. A security grille creates another barrier between the merchandise, causing the intruder to flee before the police arrive.

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