Qompact Security Shutter

The Qompact Rolling Shutter system is the newest and most innovative product on the rolling shutter market today. What makes the Qompact shutter system unique is the 12 different slat sizes that have been ingeniously engineered to allow the slats to roll tightly with each other. The roll allows for virtually zero space between the slats creating a compact roll and thus a smaller, more aesthetically pleasing box size.Sample image

Benefits of Qompact Rolling Shutters:

  • Reduced Box housing size
  • Steel shutter strength
  • Covers larger opening with 1 shutter
  • Extruded Strength ( Non Corrosive)
  • End Retention System
  • Manual. Motorized, Remote controls With manual override in the case of power loss

Traditional rolling shutters require a large 10-12 inch housing, messing up the aesthetics of your home. Now, with the Qompact shutter system, an 84" tall opening with be able to roll up into a 6" box housing.  That is 40-50% smaller, creating a much more appealing installation.   The Qompact shutter system rolls smoothly and quietly while providing the highest level of protection for your home.

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