Fixed Security Screens

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The "fixed" security screen offers both security & vision and can be used for residential as well as commercial applications.   Customers can see outside during the day and retailers can merchandise safely all night long if they leave the lights on.  Screens will repel rocks, bricks, knives, crowbars etc.)  The screen maintains existing architectural designs and aesthetic curves.  The subtle stainless steel screen frame s fabricated to integrate with the building design while improving maximum security with minimal visual impact.  Our security screen meets the large missile impact test for Category 5 hurricanes- the most stringent residential test available. It also reduces glass breakage from flying debris.

Benefits of the Fixed Security Screen :

  • Repels flying debris ( Hurricane Rated)
  • Security with vision
  • Ventilation with security
  • Exterior aesthetic view
  • Energy Savings
  • Peace of mind

The fixed screen can be sold along with the egress security screen to ensure that an emergency exit is in every room. 

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